Procontact en finale

ProContact football team honored for CCIFM 2018

One of the essential events of ProContact, the multisport tournament organized by the CCIFM (Chambre du Commerce et Industrie France Maurice) did not fail to bring us lots of good memories once again! To be noted that this tournament brings together more than twenty companies whose representatives participate in various activities: Football, Volleyball, petanque.

This year the PCL team was at the rendezvous more ready than ever! As from 07:30 the first representatives arrived in the luxurious setting of the multisport complex, Sparc in Flic en Flac. In order to start the day well, the athletes and companions were given breakfast; coffee, juice, croissants and fruits. Small reminder, it is advisable to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day and to consume on average 2 liters of water for an adult.

Once breakfast done, the teams rushed to join their respective fields for a warm-up session followed by the group phases. The ProContact Volleyball and Pétanque teams did their best but unfortunately could not make it to the other rounds. Considering that a fresh team of volleyball players could still stand up to the champion by dodging the qualification round on an unfortunate point, they did a really good job. So, Bravo!

At the same time, further on, a completely different turn of events. The ProContact football team proved itself. Indeed under the leadership of Coach, Roland Espiègle the progress and dedication of each player was felt.

To note that the organizers of the CCIFM marked a historic turning point in the football tournament for the 2018 edition. Indeed, derogating from the tradition it began on a foot five to finish on a 7-a-side. The rules of games are very distinct and that news made quite an effect at the traditional meeting for the draw which determines the groups – once again in the premises of the CCIFM.

CCIFM Tirage au sort

CCIFM 2018 – Way to the finals

At the end of a very animated day, more particularly and in all humility by the lightning mood of the ProContact family, our football team fought to reach the final for the greatest happiness of the fans. After a breathtaking  football game we earned the second place.

Still, we congratulate our opponents that have allowed us to go beyond our limits. We are all happy for the achievement brought by hours of dedicated training that paid off!

Following this wonderful moment, I sat down a few days later with the captain of this remarkable team who told me these few words:

How did you feel after qualifying for the football team in the final of the CCIFM 2018?

    “The goal was to bring the cup home but even if we finished second it was a win for us. And personally, at this moment even after losing the match, it was not the cup that touched me but it is rather this team spirit, this joy even in the defeat, we were a real team, even a family like I say it every time. Proud of our Team #Captain

What are your aspirations for the coming season?

    ” For the coming season the motto will be training. We will train very hard to be on top for the season because it will not be an easy task, but hey I think we can make a great season and bring the cup home  this time! ”

To conclude, it would be wise to warn opposing teams, we are coming back stronger and more motivated than ever. ProContact intends to bring home this golden cup !!! For now, these beautiful memories are added to the many adventures that continue to shine upon the beautiful ProContact family! We take your leave with a video of our Cheelearders!

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