ProContact has as main objective to provide quality products and services living up to the needs and expectations of the customers, in the same fold building very sustainable and trustworthy relations with them. Our permanent research for excellence in the context of our activities are reflected by:

>>An attentive ear to the need of the clients, neither without any prejudice nor any prejudgement, with the aim to anticipate the client’s wants and  expectations so as to propose various products and services.

>> A genuine follow up of services and products given coupled with a permanently innovating quality improvement.

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The direct management of customer relationship

Whether it concerns conquering, reactivation or customer loyalty, we reckon the required skills to deliver right where the customer’s need is sensed..

>> Beyond call handling aptitudes, we can confidently take in charge the fullfilment of confided operations: tele-services and tele-prospection, management of schedules and agendas, confirmation and appointment settings, email management and sending, analysis of customer satisfaction services…

>> Our professional culture and experience in customer relationship allows our clients to fully trust us with the complete management of their inbound operations.

>> We accompany our clients in the complete process of their projects such as the taking and checking of orders, the regular customer reporting including the efficient treatment of emails or websites moderation.

Seat rental

For the relocation of tele-marketing based operations, we also provide reliable solutions of renting working positions.